Simproof Waterproofing Membrane


Product Description

It is a SBS modified and polyester reinforced professional waterproofing membrane with 3.0 - 3.5 - 4.5 mm thickness, covered with a special mineral layer which is loose laid before pouring the concrete and comes into reaction and adheres permanently by hydroheating.

The SIMPROOF membrane system offers a professional waterproofing solution in deep foundations and single side shear walls. Prevents possible water movements by fully adhesion to structural reinforced concrete. Does not require protective concrete. In the case of possible ground subsidence, the waterproofing is not separated from the reinforced concrete elements.


■ It is applied before concrete is poured.
■ High performance at below grade and blank mould applications.
■ It does not allow lateral water movements by providing complete adhesion with poured structural concrete.
■ Its application is fast and easy. Overlaps are self adhesive.
■ Waterproofing is also completed along with pouring of concrete.
■ It is resistant to water pressure up to 11,5 bar (115 m) after adhesion to concrete.
■ The system does not require protective concrete.
■ It can be easily cleaned.
■ It is not affected by hot / cold phase transitions.
■ It is very resistant to subterranean conditions.
■ It has salt water resistance.
■ It is not effected by ground subsidence.
■ It prevents water leaks, hence unnecessary injection costs.

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